Ingram Collection

Framing prestigious art identities

Holding an accumulation of over 600 works of art, The Ingram Collection is the largest privately owned, publicly exhibited collection of modern British and contemporary art in the UK. Loaning both nationally and internationally, they place extreme significance on supporting artists from all backgrounds. Junior constructed three distinctive collection identities (The Ingram Collection, Young Contemporary Talent & Inside Out) whilst reshaping their one unifying mother-brand.

Junior composed the various identities on an online platform with the gallery owners solely in mind, developing an easy-to-use curation process that enables gallery owners to build exhibitions virtually. This combines elements of a static gallery with an e-commerce platform, making it a unique non-profit site. The end result is a printable PDF which is utilised as a tool to designate where the pieces, once loaned, are going to be positioned. Throughout this journey, Junior implemented frequent call-to-actions, allowing the gallery owner to receive constant guidance and recommendations from an Ingram team member, creating a bespoke curation process for each client.