Dhu-ing something revolutionary

With research that spans literally mountains high, Dhu has fabricated performance clothing using purely 100% cashmere. From brand identity to lookbooks, Dhu and Junior have been collaborating with each other to redefine the meaning of cashmere.

The easy-to-navigate e-commerce platform is refined and modern, which aids the customer’s focus fully on distinguishing the numerous performance elements with each piece of clothing. Junior created the logo to reflect the gnarly wild outdoors, completely redefining the conventions of cashmere. Both typography and contemporary graphics emphasise the qualities of cashmere, which are placed over the photography in order to showcase Dhu’s values, heritage and sporting benefits. Junior has both art directed and shot the photography and videography, with a constant focus on the combination of the landscape and performance. With Junior’s expertise, Dhu has become a multi-award winning brand within just 2 years.